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Just one week left before the start of IAVs, I wanted to make sure you’ve seen the final agenda (available here).

Input into the 2015 agenda comes from US, Canada, Israel, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Peru, Chile, Afghanistan, The Netherlands, Austria, Romania and Greece. The coverage of programmes this year is widespread, ranging from cutting-edge lightweight solutions to heavy armour upgrades. There are some great examples of programmes excelling on physical merit as well as on exceptional process management and delivery, and we are looking forward to one of the most ambitious conference programmes that we have put together to date.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join senior military and industry including our partners Textron Systems, BAE Systems, RUAG Defence, Iveco Defence Vehicles, Nexter Systems, Hitek Electronic Materials, QinetiQ, DSM Dyneema, Microflown Avisa and Thales.

Registering your place is easy – simply:

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Top 10 reasons to leave your office this January

If your New Year’s resolution was to find learning opportunities outside of the office this year, then look no further! International Armoured Vehicles is taking place in just a few weeks.

IAVs is the best opportunity for you to stay abreast of the latest developments within the armoured vehicles community. But don’t just take my word for it – here are the top 10 reasons to attend:

  1. 38+ sessions and the latest armoured vehicle case studies from senior military and industry representatives
  2. Keynote presentation from Mr Philip Dunne MP – Minister for Defence Equipment, Support & Technology
  3. Updates on all the key programmes including the US Army’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, VBCI and the Scout Family
  4. International briefings from Peru, Chile, Afghanistan, Poland, Romania, Germany and Austria
  5. Access to delegations from Croatia, UAE, Oman, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway, plus many more
  6. Technical Post-Conference Workshop: Uncover the inherent complications in designing and upgrading armoured vehicles that need to meet demanding requirements where adaptability and flexibility are key
  7. Pre-Conference Focus Day: Explore the challenges associated with your technologies and systems requirements
  8. 10+ hours of networking with over 300 of your industry peers worldwide including Textron Systems, BAE Systems, Nexter, IVECO, Renault and Patria
  9. Proximity to the sights and sounds of London (for when you have time away from the conference centre)
  10. 14 years of experience proving we are the world’s premier armoured vehicles conference!

To learn more about the opportunities IAV XV holds for you in Q1, you can download the brochure here (or email to have a copy sent to you).

See you at Twickenham!

Industry Insight article available to view at

Armoured Vehicles Industry Insight – Available now!

“It’s the best forum to showcase our products…IAV XV has a high concentration of quality visitors. We simply can’t afford to miss this event!” [Soucy Defense]

With just 21 days to go until International Armoured Vehicles XV, Defence IQ posed five key questions to four of our leading event partners. RUAG Defense, IVECO Defence Vehicles, Nexter Systems and Soucy Defense have all discussed a number of important issues, including the major trends they have witnessed in the armoured vehicles market over the past two years and what customers are most frequently demanding, as well as how their respective companies are responding to these market demands and – of course – why they have decided to showcase their unique solutions at IAV XV in January 2015. In the meantime, if you want to know more about the current armoured vehicles procurement programmes happening in the world today, don’t forget to view our interactive Plans and Requirements Map.

Key takeaway quotes:

• ‘End-users are shifting their requirements to the upper levels of the STANAG norms for protection’ – RUAG Defense
• ‘The key battleground will be which company produces a truly cost effective and fully scalable architecture’ – IVECO Defence Vehicles
• ‘There is a need for armoured vehicle fleets to remain capable of responding to wide strategic deployment’ – Nexter Systems
• ‘When we ask our clients to tell us what their project goal is, the most commonly found answer is weight reduction’ – Soucy Defense

View the full Industry Insight article here >>

IAV XV – Annual Armoured Vehicles Conference Returns

International Armoured Vehicles will return for its 15th year this January (26th-28th) with one big change: location, location, location! We are happy to announce that this year’s Confex will be held at the Twickenham rugby stadium in London, with plenty of room to network and show off those vehicles!

Other highlights for this year’s event include keynote presentations from the Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP (Secretary of State for Defence, UK Ministry of Defence) and Mr Philip Dunne MP (Minister for Defence Equipment, Support & Technology), industry presence from the big players in this space including Textron, Iveco Defence Vehicles, BAE Systems, Nexter Systems, RUAG Defence, CMI Defence, and finally the most international delegation to date!

Not convinced yet? Check out the full programme here!

International Armoured Vehicles XV

French Army taking “a more common sense approach”: Land Forces Commander

Defence IQ recently had the honour of interviewing Lieutenant General Bertrand Clément-Bollée, Commander of the French Land Forces. View the video above or read his thoughts below as he reflects on the Armoured Vehicles event and outlines his forward strategy to ensure an adaptable vehicle fleet to be ready for the next operation, whatever it may demand.

(All of our video interviews with the world’s senior land force leaders are available online.)

Are our lessons from Afghanistan really relevant for the next campaign?

This question is essential and one asked by every army who has to manage future requirements and at the same time respond to the demands of the present, to current operational requirements. If I take Afghanistan, for example, it was firmly decided that the French Army would not fall into the trap of focussing only on Afghanistan. Clearly, it’s about considering the operational needs at hand, which were in Afghanistan and notably in the area of counter-IEDs, for example, while under no circumstances dragging the whole future of the French Army into a vision centred exclusively on Afghanistan. It’s a balance between future programmes – which are long-term programmes and which themselves must coherently balance costs and capabilities – and short-term responses, which must deal with immediate protection and take into account current operational requirements. This is an extremely fine balance, and it is important to maintain it.

Is it worth pursuing new technology if there is no immediate requirement?

Clearly, and you said it in your question, focussing exclusively on technical aspects only leads to a dead end; or in other words, purely technical improvements only lead to an explosion in costs, and I believe that our budgetary constraints today must drive us towards a more common-sense approach. An example that comes to mind was the case in which we preferred, even favoured – on the technological level – to respond to 60% of all requirements rather than 100% of one single requirement. For the French Army, this was the case of the Armoured <em>Vanguard</em> Vehicle. This vehicle was designed more than thirty years ago; it was designed to an extremely basic standard – an armoured truck with just secondary weapons for self-defence. In providing very basic specifications for this requirement, we enabled it – consciously or not, because it wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision at the time – to remain adaptable, and in particular, on the technical level, capable of bearing extra weight; which allowed us to adapt to new standards of armour; which allowed us to install a new protection system via a remotely-operated turret, brought forward after Afghanistan; and I think that’s what we, as officers, must keep in mind when we determine the capability requirements of our future programmes. That is, not throw ourselves into excessive requirements, which could fatally lead to an extremely costly industrial solution, but concentrate on “standardised” – in inverted commas – requirements that allow us to offset a much greater spectrum of capabilities.

What brought you to Defence IQ’s Armoured Vehicles event?

The biggest draw of these defence events is first of all the chance to exchange ideas, through the conferences that are part of the events, and then also the possibility to see the latest state-of-the-art industry products. These products both cover the operational needs of today and also shed light on the trends which may determine the needs of tomorrow. For us officers, who are in charge and are responsible for our country’s armies, and for determining the capability requirements of the French Land Forces, well this is an opportunity to see what is being done abroad, how the same problems are being dealt with by others and what the best takeaways are for ourselves.

Want to see a recap of what happened at IAVs last week?

With International Armoured Vehicles a success last week, there is already plenty of interest for IAVs 2014…

If you did not get the chance to attend International Armoured Vehicles 2013, here is a Promo Compilation film taken from Conference Day One of the Exhibition so that you can see what happened at IAVs.

This video will not only show what last weeks event consisted of but also give you a taster of what to expect next year. Watch the video here:

If you would like to attend International Armoured Vehicles 2014, email us at:

Take a look at the Defence Event Calendar for 2013

2013 defence calendar

The Best of the Best in Armoured Vehicles… 2013 Award Winners

Defence IQ hosted the International Armoured Vehicles 2013 Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, 6th February 2013 at the FIVE, Farnborough – part of the International Armoured Vehicles Conference & Exhibition.

The main conference began with a thought-provoking opening keynote by Lieutenant General Adrian Bradshaw of the British Army, and closed with a profound speech by the UK MoD’s Brigadier Ian Ridgen.  Afterwards, all attendees were invited to the Awards Ceremony and Drinks Reception (hosted by RUAG Defence).

Nominees were interviewed by military and OEM judging panels throughout the day, and winners were selected after an afternoon of deliberation by the judges.  We are please to announce the winners here:

Best Troop Protection Capability – Hutchinson Worlwide


Most Innovative Technology – ThermBright Passive Thermal Targets


Best Vehicle Platform – IVECO Defence Vehicles

IVECO award IAV 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 International Armoured Vehicles Awards Winners!

For more details, here were the nominees:




Best Troop Protection Capability



RUAG Defence

SCHROTH Safety Products

Hutchinson Worldwide

Hutchinson Worldwide

Most Innovative Technology



Saab Barracuda

Timoney Technology



Best Vehicle Platform

IVECO Defence Vehicles

Nexter Systems

Renault Trucks Defense

Streit Group

ASL Group

IVECO Defence Vehicles

Exclusive Photos from the Awards Ceremony –

2013 IAV award 1

IAV 2013 awards 2

IAV 2013 awards 3

IAV 2013 awards 4

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Thanks for joining us this year!


The IAVs Team
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