2013 Resolutions…

After a couple of weeks amidst the holiday celebrations, many people find themselves in a place of review and working up a list of resolutions. So, what is your business resolution for 2013? Could they be to…?

  1. Stay better connected with current/ potential clients?Ticket
  2. Understand your potential clients’ current/ future needs?
  3. See how you benchmark against your competitors?
  4. Get a complete view of trends within the industry?

If you have answered, or even considered answering “Yes” to one of those questions, and are involved with Armoured Vehicles, then we can help you achieve those resolutions. All you need to do is apply for your FREE Exhibition Visitor Pass.

Read on and see the top solutions as to how we can help you achieve these resolutions…

1)      Connect with Current and Potential Clients

This February, key decision-makers from 47 military nations, as well as 20+ prime manufacturers and OEMs, across 6 continents will be gathering at this year’s International Armoured Vehicles.

By joining us onsite you will have the chance to meet and greet with military and industry delegations from regions such as Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, The Americas as well as the emerging markets.

Find out which of your current (and potential) business partners are attending – email us today for a copy of our latest attending organisations list at armouredvehicles@iqpc.co.uk.

2)      Understand the Current and Future needs of Clients

InnovationStageThere is no better way of understanding which products and solutions to provide your customers than by hearing it directly from them.

Technical experts from OEMs and Tier 1 organisations, such as Raytheon, Barco Defense & Aerospace and Universal Engineering will be leading discussions on their current capabilities and future requirements during the Innovation Stage at International Armoured Vehicles.

To gain entrance into the Innovation Stage is completely complimentary.  All you need to do is sign up for your free Exhibition Pass here.

3)      Benchmark against Peers and Competitors

The Exhibition at International Armoured Vehicles will be home to 65+ leading vehicles manufacturers, sub-system integrators and components suppliers from around the world.

Ask us for complete list of current sponsors and exhibitors to see who else is attending at armouredvehicles@iqpc.co.uk.

If you are interested, then take a look at the vehicles on display. For your ease we have put together an infographic to read through before you physically see them at IAVs, available to you below.


4)       Gain a complete view on the Armoured Vehicle Industry

International Armored Vehicles offers all of our attendees an all-rounder view on the future battlespace and current challenges. This is showcased through sessions and debates led by military and technical experts in the conference.

To prepare for the event this February, we invite you to read the 33-page Armoured Vehicles Industry Report 2013 here.

Join us at International Armoured Vehicles – Apply for your FREE Exhibition Visitor Pass Today


Forward to your colleagues so that they can also benefit from this offer. Visit www.internationalarmouredvehicles.com for more info.

This is open to all defence professionals or currently active executives involved with armoured vehicles.


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