8 Key Topics That Keep the Armoured Vehicles Community Awake at Night…

What key issues keep military leaders awake at night? And how does this translate into how industry professionals can offer their share of innovative solutions to alleviate these challenges?

We’ll be discussing this and more during the sessions at the Innovation Stage. Join us for these presentations – all complimentary to you – when you sign up for your Exhibition Hall Pass today.

Pass with Weblink

Read on to find out the 8 Key Topics…

1. Future Protected Mobility Solutions

What advances will there be in vehicle mobility and adaptability? What are the new requirements for sub-systems and vehicle components?

We’ll be presenting 3 sessions to address these questions on protected mobility, led by Ares, Universal Engineering and one more to be announced.

2. Cooling, Heating, Ventilation, Cab Pressurisation and Filtration

Involved in the field of HVAC? Join us to hear about the key programme updates for MRAP, Wheeled Armoured Vehicles, BMP Armoured Tank Ambulance and understand what the key challenges are facing HVAC in current operations.

3. Vehicle Display Systems

Barco Defense & Aerospace will be one of 3 companies to lead sessions on transitioning from stove-pipe systems to integrated networked architectures and understanding which key visualisation technology and components are available for mission-critical operations.

4. Simulation

Simulation has long since been a topic of debate – but there’s no doubt that some of the most crucial advances in armoured vehicle technology are found within simulation.

That’s why for 2013, not only are we hosting 3 sessions with Raydon, NGRAIN and Bohemia Interactive on this topic, but we’re also hosting a live simulation experience for participants to get a hands-on feel for vehicles running on the new VBS2 platform.

VSB2 Simulator

5. Communications and Situational Awareness

ViaSat will be one of 3 companies to discuss communication challenges, battle management for low level commanders and Vectronics. Get your exhibition pass today to hear more about C4I and Situational Awareness.

6. Emerging Requirements, Advancements and Predictions for Future Technologies

Whereas the conference segment of International Armoured Vehicles discusses in-depth the new and future requirements of military, the Innovation Stage presentations on emerging requirements come directly from the industry’s technical experts.

If you’re hoping to understand the latest industry requirements and technological developments, join these 3 sessions for a first-hand glimpse into the types of emerging requirements prime contractors will have over the next 5 years.

7. Suspension Systems

What will the key vision for suspension system technologies look like in the next 5 years? Find out during the conversations here where we will assess the effects of variable terrains upon suspension capabilities and understand what innovations are required in line with new vehicle mobility and weight trends.

8. Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

In a series of 3 presentations on MRO, we’ll discuss the increasing interest in modular platforms, vehicle fleet lifecycle management and understanding the components for reducing vehicle life cycle cost and enabling a lean supply chain.

The Innovation Stage is designed specifically for industry professionals to learn directly from technical experts representing selected organisation from OEMs, Prime Conractors, Systems Integrators to Component Suppliers, such as:


View the Innovation agenda here.

Innovation Stage Agenda

Aside from benefiting from these Innovation Stage sessions, with you Exhibition Pass, you’ll have access to the live simulation demonstration, all of the networking opportunities in the exhibition hall, and most importantly, the Vehicle Display (15 Vehicles scheduled for 2013) from:PASS

  • JCB 
  • Renault Trucks Defense
  • EKA
  • Rheinmetall Chempro
  • Streit Group
  • Ares Security Vehicles
  • IAG
  • Universal Engineering

Exhibition is open to all defence professionals or currently active executives involved with armoured vehicles. Apply for your FREE Visitor Pass today to join the World’s largest networking forum dedicated solely to the armoured vehicles community.


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