International Armoured Vehicles Moves to Farnborough for 2012

International Armoured Vehicles 2011

A letter from the IAVs Team
Guest post from Duraid J., Production

 The team and I made a promise to keep you updated on the International Armoured Vehicles conference and exhibition as much as we can before the big event in February, and so I’m really excited to write this post.

First things first – an introduction.  My name is Duraid Jalili and I’m the conference producer for IAVs 2012, working under the wing of Keith Mallon (You may have met him onsite – slim gentle-Irishman with a quick wit, always running around the exhibition hall?) 

 Well, it’s a strong team this year, and we’ve jumped headfirst into how we can make IAVs bigger and better.  I know Kim’s written about the background of our research, so I’ll get straight into what’s new for 2012:

  • We’re moving to Farnborough – as the blog title announces, it’s official.  After 10 years inLondon, we’re moving to FIVE@Farnborough for 2012!  This is a huge deal for us, as it opens up the doors to new and bigger ventures.  Plus, it’s just a 30 minute train ride from Waterloo, London, and is near the heartland of the British Army.  How’s that for symbolic and easy access?
  • More opportunities for informal discussions – we’ve added in two days worth of round table discussions, speed networking, and have integrated a level of intimacy to certain sessions to enhance the debate.  There’s also talk of a new Awards System, in which speakers and key military personnel judge current products…
  • A more holistic perspective on the future of armoured vehicles requirements – I’m in the middle of my research right now with ISAD TCNs, NATO member states as well as some highly interested Middle East and Indian officers so that I can integrate a multi-national perspective, and increase the level of input from newly developing international militaries in the programme.

 And this is just the beginning – I’ll be sending out the draft agenda in 2 weeks time, so you’ll probably start receiving some news from me leading up to the event. Please feel free to send me a note, a comment, anything in regards to the event – the door is always open.

Before I finish up this post, a friendly reminder – if you haven’t already, please visit the website at for updates, check out our Download Centre or sign up for the Armoured Vehicles Newsletter (email  Visitor registration is already open if you know you’re attending this year.

We’ve also just posted some photos to our Flickr account:

Thanks for reading, and don’t hesitate to drop me a message. – Duraid


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