On Tuesday 8th February David E. Johnson Senior Political Scientist speaks at International Armoured Vehicles

Speaking about Combat Capabilities In Hybrid And Irregular Warfare Conflicts on Tuesday 8th February at International Armoured Vehicles is David E. Johnson, a senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation who has served a twenty four year career in the U.S. Army, retiring as a Colonel. Dr.

Here he gives our readers a preview of what his presentation will explore: “Armored Fighting Vehicles in Hybrid and Irregular Warfare Conflicts” by David E. Johnson.

This presentation discusses analysis from several RAND Corporation studies I have led about the use of armored vehicles across the range of military operations (irregular, hybrid, state major combat), with a particular focus on irregular and hybrid warfare and urban operations. The analysis was based on a wide range of case studies, including more recent operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Gaza. The relative utility of tanks, wheeled versus tracked vehicles, and armored vehicle design considerations are particular areas of emphasis in the presentation.

Registration for the exhibition is now closed but you can still register on site for £50. But registration for International Armoured vehicles conference is still open. To register for the conference or focus days go here.


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