For the tenth year running, International Armoured Vehicles will offer you the world’s leading conference and exhibition for exploring cutting – edge vehicle programs and solutions.

On Wednesday 9th February listen and interact with Lieutenant Colonel Andy Stephens, SO1 Explosive Ordnance, Defence Academy of Management and Technology tackle the debate ofCan Upgraded Lethality Effects Provide An Interim Solution To The Procurement Of New Vehicles?

Below is a short abstract by Lieutenant Colonel Andy Stephens giving us an idea of what we have to look forward to and the issues and topics he will be taking about – The Armour / Anti-Armour Struggle and Defensive Aid Suites

Ever since the introduction of armoured fighting vehicles onto the battlefield in World War One, great effort has gone into methods of defeating them with the use of a number of weapon systems including direct fire weapons using Kinetic Energy, HEAT warheads using chemical energy, guided weapons, anti-armour mines and IEDs. 

The modern battlefield is a complex environment where the enemy is not homogeneous and is certainly never ‘fixed’.  The enemy is agile and adaptive and probably fighting amongst the people; in such a hybrid and asymmetric threat environment there may be multiple threats against AFVs.

An example of the hybrid threat is found in Hezbollah’s forces in Southern Lebanon; in 2006 the Israeli Defence Force found Hezbollah and elusive and aggressive foe, Hezbollah were successful in taking on the IDFs iconic Merkava using a broad range of anti tank missiles and direct fire rockets. 

So how can iconic vehicles such as Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) be protected out towards 2050? This presentation considers one of the probable answers, namely defensive aid suites to defeat missiles and kinetic penetrators before they strike the armour of a MBT.

Listen to Lieutenant Colonel Andy Stephens further this discussion more when he speaks at International Armoured Vehicles this February 2011!


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