Captin Chris Lukose speaks at International Armoured Vehicles This February 2011

On the 10th February listen to Captin Chris Lukose speak about Tactical Level Simualation for the Royal Netherlands Armoured Vehicles Fleet.

Here he gives us an overview of what he will cover in his presentation:

1. Overview of Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) as an organisation.
The RNLA collective mission statement, a birds eye view of the “building blocks” RNLA is comprised of and how they are organised to perform their tasks.
2. Overview of RNLA Training Command.
Specifically it’s (current) concept of operations when educating and training individuals and/ or units in the following areas:
a. Education and initial training of new recruits.
b. Maintaining regular operational readiness (the role of RNLA training command in support of this task) on both individual (proficiency) and formation (exercise) level.
c. Specific preparation for missions/ long term deployments. 
3. Simulation systems in use/ under developement within RNLA.
a. General presentation of which systems have been/ are in use or are being fielded within RNLA.
b. Detailed presentation of the TACTIS system.
    i. Capabilities.
        1. Dual purpose designed into TACTIS.
            Flexibility as both scenario training at formation level and individual proficiency/ advanced gunnery training are simultaneously possible in one system.
        2. Differences between TACTIS and other systems in use around the world.
    ii. Technical composition of the TACTIS system.
c. Use of TACTIS within RNLA Training Command’s task description.
    i. Focus of use based on: Return on investment (efficiency measures due to use of simulation)/ increasing training opportunities by maintaining the current concept of
        operations (next to using simulation).
d. Challenges.
    i. During developement.
    ii. Getting the system into operational service.
    iii. Keeping pace with changing operational requirements.
d. Opportunities in simulation/ TACTIS.


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