Strategic Defence and Security Review Published

The outcome of the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) has now been released, so what’s your views on the latest cuts in David Cameron’s speech?

The review will lead to reductions in manpower across all three services and the civilians in defence, up until 2015.

  • The Royal Navy will reduce by around 5,000 personnel
  • The Army by 7,000
  • The RAF by 5,000
  • MoD Civilians by 25,000

No changes will be made to front line Army, Royal Marine or RAF Regiment Units while operations in Afghanistan continue.

In order to meet the new structure set out in the SDSR the Army will have to:

  • Reduce by around 7,000 to about 95,000 personnel by 2015
  • Reduce by one the number of deployable brigades
  • Reduce tanks and heavy artillery by 40%
  • Significantly reduce non-deployable regional administrative structure

David Cameron stated “In fact we have been and will be providing more for our brave forces in Afghanistan more equipment to counter the threat from IEDs more training and training equipment, more protected vehicles – like the warthog heavy protection vehicle which will be out there by the end of the year more surveillance capability” – so why are we seeing cuts in tanks and heavy artillery by 40%?

Altogether the defence spend is to fall by 8% by 2015. Many would say this review came at the wrong time, but what’s your opinion? We would like to hear from you.


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