Beating the Blast: How MRAPs are defeating the IED problem

Last week International Armoured Vehicles sent out their monthly email. Did you get a chance to read it? If not or if you haven’t yet subscribed to it email and he will add you to the subscription list.

Scott BlaneyWell, if you missed out make sure you sign up for next months as it will be a follow on to C-IEDs, with the featured content being an interview with Lieutenant General Thomas Metz, former JIEDDO director.

Here’s another chance to hear from Scott Blaney, Chief of C-IED at the US Army’s Center for Lessons Learned (CALL) discussing in depth the development of the MRAP and M-ATV, from size and fuel issues to effectiveness against various devices. He also talks exclusively on the upcoming MRAP handbook collated by CALL and the US MCoE, due out by the end of 2010 to simplify decision-making for soldiers in theatre.

Listen to the interview with Scott Blaney now and let us know your thoughts.


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