Is MRAP investment the key to beating the IED threat?

The U.S. Marine Corps this week awarded Force Protection Industries Inc. with an existing $64.1 million upgrade to revamp its seating on the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) programme’s Cougar vehicle.

The news comes at a time when onboard survivability measures are being improved across international forces. Suspended seating allows for troops to be isolated from the floor and sides of a vehicle, making them less likely to feel the brunt of a blast from the most vulnerable part of the vehicle’s body.

1,964 Cougars are to be refitted by February 2011, of which most are deployed in Afghanistan. Other coalition nations, including Britain, Italy and Canada, operate these vehicles and have rated their performance highly.

Force Protection will be exhibiting at International Armoured Vehicles 2011 in February, at which the MRAP programme will be examined.

Considering that MRAPs have been reported to have slashed IED casualty rates by around 90%, do you agree that this should be the priority for Coalition budgets in Afghanistan?

Original press release:

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Richard DeSilva, Online Content Manager


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